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Define advertising goals

Define the goal of your app marketing campaign. Please also let us know your approximate budget. The more we know about your campaign and goals, the faster and more accurately app marketing professionals, influencers, and operators of large blogs, magazines, and social media channels can assess your campaign and send you a ready-to-book offer.

The right advertising goals for your app marketing campaign
Improve ranking
  • High increase in users
  • Ranking in Top-Charts
  • Very keen price per install

We get your app on top! Not only will your app gather awareness but also better visibility, which will help with additional organic downloads.

Attract new users
  • Top user-quality
  • Reach your audience
  • Accounting only on successful actions such as installs or sales

By delivering high-quality traffic to your app, we not only help to increase your customers, but also to build up loyal customers.

Be apparent
  • Awareness through social media influencer
  • Presentation on recommendation-platforms
  • Better positioning in search engines

We plan and create suitable content for your app which is then published on blogs and socail media platforms(Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, etc.).

App testing & optimization
  • Better visibility in app-store search results
  • More organic installs, ratings and reviews
  • Permanent positive effects

We support you with the optimisation of your app, especially with screenshots and app meta data, so that it can be found on the app stores and create more downloads.

Checking your campaign

Once you've defined and submitted the advertising goals of your app marketing campaign, our knowledgeable team will review your bidding process to ensure all the information is valid for a valid offer. The duration of the test depends on the accuracy of your description and your availability for our queries.

Compare offers & discuss details

Once we've reviewed your campaigns, we'll send them to the appropriate affiliate partners in our large publisher pool. We select the advertising partners according to their app marketing services that fit your campaign in order to achieve the best possible result. The advertising partners will then actively promote your campaign so that you will receive the first offers within a short time. You can compare these, discuss the details in your own appreach messenger immediately with the advertising partner and book the right offer directly.

The right advertising options for every budget and campaign objective
Performance campaigns
App Boost
App Review
Video Review
Social media marketing
E-Mail Marketing
Push / Whatsapp
App-Store optimization
Performance campaigns

New users are animated to install und use your app and ideally making purchases by using tailored communication tools. CPI / CPA Campaigns are made to best fulfill your success criteria.

Booking, payment and reporting

appreach acts as your direct contact and supplier and thus takes over the entire coordination and editing process of your app marketing campaign. appreach ensures that all conditions and deadlines are adhered to by the advertising partners and all information is treated confidentially. In addition, appreach also serves as a trust. You do not have to worry about your money. In addition, with your personal appreach online control panel you always have an overview of your campaigns, can easily and securely send and receive messages, compare offers, discuss details and book. In addition, you have the reporting and the payment status of your campaign in view.

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