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appreach brings you together with potential customers. Create your own profile to attract potential customers. Add your expertise / app marketing services and marketing channels (you will receive matching campaign alerts based on this information).

If your offer for a specific campaign is booked, you can complete the order entirely on your own. Appreach only serves as an agency and communication platform.

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Finding a campaign

App developers showcase attractive campaigns on appreach for which you can apply. You can look for specific campaigns which fit your service and apply instantly. Your offer will then be checked by our knowledgeable appreach team and confirmed. Appreach puts a commission in offer and hands it over to the customer. The value of the charge depends on the type of campaign, the budget, agreements with the client and other variables. Your price will always be respected, and the customer makes the final decision. A lower price is often not an essential indicator of getting the job. Publishers with meaningful offers and good review have the best chances to win a campaign.

There are many other ways of finding customers on appreach:
  • Waiting for an automatic email notification on the newest campaigns of app developers
  • Targeted searching for national or international customers
  • Getting invited by us to a campaign

Booking, payment and reporting

appreach acts a direct customer. You can discuss details of an offer with a client on the online management portal as soon as you have applied for a campaign. appreach is responsible for the complete sales part of the transaction with the customer. appreach is obliged to pay you on time and that all documentation for the end consumer is professionally collated. After the campaign is finished, you can share the reporting of the campaign with the advertiser and request a release of the funds via bank transfer. appreach usually works with advertisers on a prepaid basis, so that we can guarantee payment upon completion.

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